Artwork painted in acrylics, colored inks, colored pencils or mixed technique. The images are framed with maching 3d frames.

The Paintings that you see are part of exhibitions made​​, orders for birthday gifts and markets.


Art portfolio paintings

3D Illustration

3D Illustration

Sculpture Illustration with 3D maching frame

Custom frame & Illustrations

Custom frame & Illustrations

Illustrations with maching frame. Theme: LIttle monsters and their cats.

Custom Frame

Custom Frame

Handmade frames for pictures, photos and illustrations. Used recycled materials, clay and acrilycs.



Horror Market

A meeting point for all horror lovers, monsters, science fiction, zombies, halloween, day of the dead, holy death, costumes, characterization, DIY, collecting, second hand items and kitsch culture that relates to genre.

The HorrorMarket aims to provide an opportunity for artists, collectors and artisans to promote what they like, what they do or what they collect. Also they promote the sub-culture surrounding the genre of monsters and horror.

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Mutuo Street Market

This group is for artists, collectives, cultural centers and independent media, to share their work and activities.

Asociación Mutuo (Mutuo Centro de Arte) focuses on unity and support of all the people who build the city scene.

Gifts & Orders

Gifts and Orders

Many of this Paintings are birthday´s gifts and orders.

Usted puede pedir un presupuesto personalizado.



Monsters and cats

This collection of paintings were part of my Exhibition made at the Cultural Center “La Caixa Foundation” Granollers – Spain.

Illustrations with maching frame: recicled materials, clay and acrylics.
Theme: LIttle monsters and their cats.

Gingoro´s exhibition

My first Exhibition : 20 paintings with maching frame and 12 sculptures.

Theme: Tim Burton and gothic.



More Illustration work