Illustration for children

Illustration designed for children: Here are lovely pets like cats, monsters, prince and princess and friendly characters.

Artwork painted in acrylics, colored inks, colored pencils or mixed.

Many of this illustrations are inspirated by friends and personal stories, real or not.
The paintings that you see are part of exhibitions made​​, children´s book ,orders for birthday gifts and markets.

Children’s book: Teté the Pirate

After 6 months of work: painting, scanning, make 3 memories (layout, layout, layout and more layout), consuming a lot of coffee and enjoy many sleepless nights ….. Finally! thereby I getting my degree with it.

My final illustration project seeks to illustrate a children story about the adventures of the pirate Tete. This Book is based on the story of David Holgado Escribano.

 Working progress


1Draw the sketches of characters, objects and backgrounds.Then, selected the best designs.

2Draw the sketches of the book scenes and Selected the best designs too.

3 Choose the work´s technique, in my case, i choose collage.


1Painted the illustrations: there are 18 paintings.
The illustration´s bases are marquetry tablets (25 cm x 50 cm). It hasn’t any primer applied to wood for note their texture.
Its preparation has been used collage using acrylic paints, fabric, cardboard, paper of different textures, Faber Castell colors pencils and Vandal modeling clay.

2Finally scanned all the paintings at 300 dpi, made adjustments if there are necessary and added the text in Photoshop.


It is aimed for children between 4 and 10 years approximately.

It measures 21 cm. x 21 cm. In CMYK color, with a paper
mellotex glossy paper 160 gr. for the cover and mellotex Satin 250gr.
Bound by rolling Satin stuck.
Contains 32 sheets in total: eighteen double page illustrations in CMYK (21 cm x 42 cm): Cover and sixteen pages forming the history.
In every page there are short sentences, where appear one phase like minimum and 8 at most .
The layout of the book was made into a format in Freehand SRA3 of 449 mm. x 319 mm.

Book presentation

Book presentation

Making off_Sketch

Making off_Sketch

Making off_Paintings and textures

Making off_Paintings and textures




More illustration work