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My name is Berta. I’m an artisan  for more than 10 years now .

I’m from the north of Spain,Navarra, lovely place, nice people, good meal’s and drinks.
When I was a child, in my free time y was doing nothing but drawing and seeing carttons.
It started as my hobby and endend up as my passion.

I got a Degree on Design and Illustration from Logroño’s Art School,Spain in 2006.

Afther that I worked like as graphic freelance.Print

One day I tried to sculpte a piece of clay and I discovered that I had talent as modeler. Since that day I couldn’t stop, I make handmade crafts, costume jewerly, plush and home decorations too.

I exhibited at many art cycles in Navarra and Barcelona.

I wanted to mix my illustration and sculpture’s skills and I decided to go to Barcelona and learned how to animate.

In 2010 I got my diploma in Animation’s techniques. Afther taht i worke

Next I worked for 2 years developing Flah videogames for FB( illustration, technique artist, and animation) in Wiprojects.

My current location is Paris, a wonderfull city.


I’m a cat lover. Who dosent like cats? They are elegant, majestic, have super cute faces, his eyes…. I’m a cat lover…Have I said that already? 🙂


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